Nintendo promises Italians: “We won’t let you down!”


For one of the new products signed by Nintendo, there come some statements and assurances that in reality can’t reassure us. Why should we worry that one of these new projects will bother us?

You know when someone did something Wrong But you still don’t know and no one tries it To apologize Even before you realize that a mess happened? We seem to be in this situation with the new project signed by Nintendo.

Nintendo promises Italians: “We won’t let you down!” (Photo: YouTube)

In fact, a new work is underway Movies Great n in the center. Produced by illumination with the plumber of Idraulico, who we all know, is of Italian descent. And we want it now Understanding Because the CEO of lighting Chris Meledanri We felt the need to reassure Italians and Italian Americans that Chris Pratt’s performance as Super Mario would not bother us in any way.

Mario, the Nintendo movie won’t bother anyone

There was a saying in medieval Latin: The excuse was not claimed, a clear allegation. Roughly speaking, this means that anyone who apologizes without asking for anything is actually admitting that they did something wrong. And it looks like what happened during that interview Meladandri Deadline colleagues have been released. The interview is long and touches on a number of issues, including whether there will be anything similar to the lighting in the next picture of what we saw in the last picture. Light year (If you haven’t seen it and you want to see it, we won’t tell you what it is, but when you look at the picture you can understand what we’re talking about).

Nintendo promises Italians: "We will not disappoint you!"
Nintendo promises Italians: “We won’t let you down!” (Photo: YouTube)

However, what interests us most closely is being born out of film Collaboration Described with Nintendo “Unprecedented in terms of relationship intimacy“It’s a new movie dedicated to Super Mario and starring Chris Pratt. There are many Complaint An actor of the same hereditary line was not chosen for the role of plumber of Italian descent, and Meledandri made it clear that Pratt’s choice as protagonist would not upset either Italians or Italian Americans. “I think everything will be fineThe lighting CEO has finished. Obviously Chris Pratt’s job will be just that Dubbing But many have snubbed the idea that an actor is something that many consider a little Soft The soul has to be placed in a character who is instead so recognized.

It has to be said in his defense and also in the defense of Meledanri Not even the real voice actor Super Mario, Charles Martinette has only one Italian relative but it should also be mentioned that since 1990, The year Martinet was chosen, at least a few decades have passed, and probably will Reorganization of cultural heritage Which should also have the animation and tone of voice of an animated character. It’s not about pizza and mandolin, it’s about recognizing that there are people from different sources.

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