No matter how hard a brand like HTC tries, blockchain mobiles still don’t make sense




There is no point in bringing more blockchain mobiles to the market because there is no real demand for such devices and in addition, blockchain platforms are still not stable enough.

The current smartphone market It is stagnant when it comes to innovationSince the only devices are a bit different from the rest Folded mobileThat’s a niche Samsung dominates the world with 90% market share.

Another great innovation that some terminal manufacturers are working on is blockchain mobile, although these No matter how hard brands like HTC try to bring such devices to market, they still don’t make sense.. Read on and find out why.

Solana Saga-1

The Solana Saga will be the next blockchain smartphone to hit the market.

This is why blockchain mobile is still meaningless

The main reason why blockchain mobiles have no place in the current market is that since HTC introduced its HTC Exodus 1 in 2018 The demand for such devices has not increased And all this despite the fact that smartphone makers are still working Turn on your own smartphone with this technology.

This is the case with OSOM, a company made up of former required employees who Solana has partnered with blockchain platform Solana to bring Saga to marketA mobile blockchain that will be introduced in early 2023.

HTC Exodus 1

HTC Exodus 1 was a complete flop.

The second reason blockchain smartphones are meaningless today is the blockchain platform Still not stable enoughSince they have many flaws.

A good proof of this is that Solana Blockchain has recently suffered multiple disruptions to its network due to software failures, some of which It prevents users from transacting for up to 18 hours. Despite the great advantages of blockchain technology, transparency, reliability and decentralization, many blockchain platforms Failed to meet on this premises.

Samsung bets on cryptocurrency and blockchain in the latest update of its Galaxy Mobile

After all, the last reason blockchain mobile days are numbered is because some of the world’s largest smartphone makers They have already incorporated blockchain technology into their flagship.

This is the case with the Samsung Galaxy S22 which is already known as a feature Blockchain KeystoreWhich allows its users to securely store cryptocurrencies and Communicate with decentralized applications. In addition, this functionality is independent of cryptocurrency, thus Not associated with Solana or any other blockchain.

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