Nothing rimane misteriosa and anticipate the lancio of a product all new –


Pur mantenendosi misteriosa, l’azienda Nothing has announced the imminent arrival at a new product market. Get rid of an Android smartphone

Nella giornata di ieri, l’azienda Nothing ha annunciato il lancio imminente di un nuovo prodotto. How much will it cost, the presenter will find this message. What is the problem? Nostalgia for the mistress who discovered this novelty, different fonts are sure that God is fine with a new one Android smartphone.

Stand by how much reporting is going on, because of the fact that there is nothing wrong with presenting a device mistresso. Explain the secrets behind the security of your first smartphone device from the Android operating system (Screenshot Twitter)

Nothing is more important than the OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei get rid of the annoying. With this “firma” sono già stati lanciati gli auricolari Ear (1), True Wireless is available at a premium price and offers premium products like Galaxy Buds, AirPods and OnePlus Buds.

Nothing lancia a smartphone Android? All and sundry

At the moment there is no official confession, but there is a small indication of lasciano pensare che. Nothing This is the first smartphone to launch Android. Translate and social channels can possibly be accompanied by a teaser, from which it is possible to present the presentations of this page. And there is no state-of-the-art information about quotations from Nothing abbia in the minds of Lancashire. Nelle settimane passate si era discusso ben cinque possibi novità, tra cui powerbank, wireless auricolari and a smartphone.

More recent reports have just been added. Il power bank dovrebbe presentarsi sotto il nome di Nothing Power (1), mentr il primo device ufficial Nothing Phone (1). Proprio poche settimane fa, inoltre, the founder Carl Pei aveva dato il vita ad a thread su Twitter che lasciava intendere come l’azienda era già al lavoro a un device alimento da un SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon e con Android is installed by default. This photo is public on social media, if you see a cornice apparently lascia intraved on a telephone. But for the sake of securing a non-remnant who would expect new communications from the other side of the aisle.

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