Now 2K Games accepts cyber attacks related to users


This week has been quite problematic in terms of leaks, as images of what will be revealed not too long ago GTA VI In a prototype version, as well as its beta test Diablo IV. And although it was thought that everything was already calm, it seems that now is not good 2K Games has been affected by a new cyber attack.

A couple of hours ago, the official support account 2K Games It informed followers that a third-party group had conducted a hack, which related to users’ information. Well, they’ve received quite a few emails sending “official” links with malware inside, so players must be careful not to fall for them.

Hello friends, please read an important message from our customer service team. thank you

Here are his comments on the attack:

Earlier today, we became aware that an unauthorized third party illegally accessed one of our vendor credentials on the help desk platform that 2K uses to support our customers. An unauthorized party has sent a communication to certain players that contains a malicious link. Do not click on any email or link you receive from a 2K Games Support Account.

Additionally, users are recommended to change their accounts related to gaming 2K Gamesbelongs to that series GTA. And of course, it is clear that the user should not open the mail if he has already found it.

Through: Gamesradar


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