Nvidia RTX 4080 price cut in the UK suggests the GPU could soon be even cheaper



Now don’t look – well, actually look, or you’ll have trouble reading the rest of this article – but the Nvidia RTX 4080 graphics card has now dropped below its MSRP (recommended price) in the UK, and a case well below that.

It will be at retailer AWD-IT (opens in new tab)as which Videocards (opens in new tab) According to the report, the Palit RTX 4080 GameRock has been slashed to £1,099.99, below the official UK MSRP of £99. As the retailer notes, this is actually a 23% reduction from the previous asking price of £1,429.99, and is apparently a limited-time offer (or ‘crispy deal’ as AWD-IT couches it).


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