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If you are looking for the best PC accessories without spending a fortune, then you are in the right place. Our editorial staff has actually collected for you what we believe are the “must-have” tech gadgets that every PC owner should have without spending more than 20 euros. Are you ready for the ride? Here is our personal list.

Technical accessories on offer, 7/14/2022 –

A USB stick for just over 10 euros

Let’s start with a product that we often refer to you, a very comfortable one Pennetta USB Da Ben 128 GB. Someone may think an exaggerated price, but in reality you should only invest Just over 11 euros. 128Gb is an interesting place if, for example, you want to transfer movies, TV series or music, so the cost is definitely worth the purchase.

USB Type C 128GB stick for 11.99 euros
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Another tech gadget we’ve literally fallen in love with Xiaomi brand Wi-Fi extender. It is a device that allows you to extend the Wi-Fi signal in your home if you have difficulty navigating every room in your home It plugs directly into a power socket and is then configured with the app. Price? alone 17.70 euros.

Xiaomi – WiFi Amplifier Pro is a 17.70 Euro
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And speaking of Wi-Fi repeaters, how can we not mention the wonderful device TP-Link Brand, It’s what it is right now The best-selling extender of all time on Amazon. For the Xiaomi branded model we are talking about a device with 300 Mpbs data transfer speed, for sale only 17 euros.

TP-Link TL-WA850RE Repeater Wireless WiFi Extender and Access Point a 17,00 Euro, -15%
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10 euros from L’HUB USB 4 port

Among the many accessories for PC that can be very useful, even one Convenient multi USB hub. In detail, Subrant brand models, There are four different USB ports With many switches and connected LEDs to turn the socket on or off. All for just 10 euros.

Sabrent 4-port USB 2.0 hub with switch for 10.99 euros
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Dew Mouse Wireless Logitech is a prezzi chalk

Among the must-have accessories for low-cost PCs, obviously MouseAnd in this case we have selected two branded ones for you Logitech, a company that does not require any presentation. They are both wireless models, so wireless, ambidextrous and with 12 months of battery life.

Logitech M171 mouse wireless a 9,00 euros, -33%
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Logitech M185 Mouse Wireless a 12.99 euros, -19%
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Combo mouse + wireless keyboard less than 5 euros!

And if you want to spend even less, be careful Sensational combo Including keyboards and mice, both wireless devices, Less than 5 euros!

Tastiera + mouse wireless, combo a 4.80 euro
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A convenient aluminum support for notebooks and tablets

Also pay attention to the various tech gadgets on sale for less than 20 euros Very comfortable stand for notebooks and laptops. A folding aluminum stand with 4 adjustment levels, which is compatible with various MacBooks but also with laptops and tablets, which allows you to “raise” the device and at the same time cool it better, so very useful on these hot days.

Support PC Laptop Laptop Stand Aluminum for 11.82 Euro
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XXL mouse pad with LEDs

A decidedly cool accessory we want to point you to is this Black Shark Brand Maxi Mat. It is a good sized object 90 cm by 40 cmWith a thickness of 4mm, an xxl mouse that features Ben 11 light effects Thanks for adding rgb leds to it. It is currently on sale for less than 20 euros with a 20 percent discount

Black Shark Tapetino Mouse Gaming RGB 900x400x4 mm from 19,99 euros, -20%
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Multi 6 in 1 charging cable for iPhone, Android and more

We close our roundup on the best PC accessories under 20 euros with a very convenient one Multi charging cable even six in one. Directly from your PC or notebook you can thus recharge multiple devices at once, whether they are iPhones or Android-type smartphones. Length one meter and price 14.99 euros: really comfortable.

Multi charging cable, 6 in 1 for 14.99 euros
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