People are not happy with the Horizon remake Atomics


A number of reports began to emerge yesterday indicating that a remake of the PlayStation and Guerrilla Games would be in the works. Horizon Zero Dawn, a game that came to PS4 five years ago. Although this information is not confirmed, Many players have shown their displeasure on social networks.

Through Twitter and other social networks, various gamers, including some PlayStation fans, They expressed their dismay at the prospect of seeing a remake of a game we originally saw in 2017. We should note that this is not the first time something like this has happened, when it was announced Our last part I We have seen something similar.

Hi Sony. How about recreating any of these over Horizon Zero Dawn?

“I have a crazy idea: I don’t think it’s a good idea to remake Horizon Zero Dawn.”

“The Last of Us remake is the most unnecessary remake in gaming

horizon empty dawn”

So wait, does Sony want to remake/remaster Horizon Zero Dawn, which is not even 5 years old and the PS4 version also has a 4K60FPS patch on the PS5?

Do you have a Netflix series?

Wow, that doesn’t surprise me. This seems to be a pattern with alleged Sony “remakes”.

“What Jim Ryan sees when he launches the barely 5-year-old Horizon Zero Dawn in 4k/60fps.”


Nintendo is remaking BOTW so they can steal the spotlight from Horizon Zero Dawn again.”

It is important to mention this again There is no official information about its remake or remastering at the moment Horizon Zero Dawn For PS5. On related topics, there is a hint about possible DLC Forbidden West. Likewise, you can learn more about this possible remake here.


Via: Twitter.

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