Pixel Notepad and Tablet – These surprises could be at the Google event


We’re actually pretty sure we already know the devices that will be shown next Thursday Google wants to show us the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, as well as the first Pixel watch in the history of the Pixel series (since 2016). But what more is to come?

The Pixel tablet is probably part of the Nest series

Surprisingly, Google has already introduced a new Nest device, although the company actually announced new Nest products for October 6th. If there are still new Nest devices, that could mean the Google Pixel tablet. Only a few graphics so far.

More details are already known, but little official information is available so far. However, Google is planning a Nest speaker with a display for the Pixel tablet. The tablet comes with a dock with speakers but it can also be removed.

Here’s what we know about the Google Pixel tablet today:

  • 10,95 joule display
  • Four speakers
  • Two ordinary cameras, less features than smartphones
  • USB-C port
  • Wifi 6 but no GPS or LTE
  • Google Tensor Processor, 4 GB RAM
  • 128/256GB storage
  • Pin connector for docking station
  • Docking station with speakers
  • USI font support
  • Android 13 ab is working
  • Not to appear until 2023, lower prices are expected

The Pixel Notepad was long awaited

Another Google device that is still top secret is the Pixel Notepad. It is probably the first foldable from the Americans. According to the rumor mill, it should definitely be planned for next year.

Pixel Notepad Sketch 2

By far, the Pixel Notepad is probably the least known secret. Today we know only some basic facts. I can well imagine that Google will show us at least one of the first teasers for the October 6 event

Here’s what’s known about the Pixel Notepad so far:

  • Foldable with a large display inside
  • Screen Diagonal: About 5.8 inches outside, 7 – 8 inches inside
  • Price should be below the competition
  • First generation Google Tensor Processor
  • Pixel 6 series camera setup; Pixel 6 front camera; No front camera for internal display
  • Pixel 7 design language
  • Market launch unknown, postponed to 2023

It would be common for Google to show at least a teaser

Google sometimes really anticipates new devices. The Pixel 7 series doesn’t arrive until October 6, but was first shown last May. This can happen with the Pixel Tablet and Pixel Notepad alike, and will be fine with Google. Let us surprise ourselves.

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