Planned action: Google Pixel 6a with free Pixel Buds A-Series


In a few days you can officially pre-order the Google Pixel 6a and the first buyers will once again get free headphones.

This is now the standard deal for new smartphones and slightly compensates for pre-orders for the usually increased prices for new smartphones. Google is now also including free headphones “in the package” with the new Pixel cell phones. For the first time, the Pixel 6a has headphones from its own portfolio, and this time there are probably no plans to work with Bose.

The Google Pixel 6a doesn’t come alone in a package for pre-orders

So far, Google has been reluctant to disclose the planned deal itself. But you can already find some hints online. For example, in Mediamarkt, there is a magazine for customers and they announced the planned campaign a few days ago Already betrayal. “Google Pixel Buds A-Series: Pre-orderers get free wireless headphones,” reads one subhead.

“If you pre-order the Pixel 6a, you’ll get free Pixel Buds A-Series. The wireless headphones are characterized by rich and clear sound. In noisy environments, the built-in beamforming microphones ensure that your conversation partner always hears you well and clearly. understand.”

The Google Pixel 6a costs €459 (RRP) and you currently pay around €80 for the Pixel Buds A-Series. So getting it free with your smartphone is a really good deal. I am expecting the offer between 21st to 27th July. The Pixel 6a is likely to be delivered to the first customers on July 28.

In recent years, Google has always worked with Bose, even though they had their own headphone offerings. That seems to be changing now. If you bought the Pixel 6a from other retailers, you can of course order free headphones from Google later with proof of purchase.

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