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This was confirmed last month Fall of Babylon It was a resounding flop and the game would shut down its servers in February 2023, less than a year after its first anniversary. Given this information, Platinum Games CEO Atsushi Inaba finally issued a statement where he talked about the project and confirmed that its plans for more games as a service would not be affected.

In a chat with VGC, Inaba noted that he was unable to speak on the matter, as contracts prevented him from doing so. nevertheless, He is now free to express his opinion and firstly, he has apologized for the failure Fall of Babylon:

“The only thing we can comment on here, in light of Babylon’s fall service closure, is that this unfortunate conclusion may be something that has caused some frustration, even anger, for our dedicated fans and players.

And we’re very sorry for any disappointment this may cause our fanbase, the fact is that we feel that way about our fans as developers. Providing players with any feeling other than enjoyment and fun in our creations is something that doesn’t make us very happy as developers.

nevertheless, The overwhelming failure of this game hasn’t stopped Platinum Games from planning to make more games as a service in the future. For Inaba, it was a lesson, and not much of a warning:

“We learned a lot from this experience, and it hasn’t changed our future plans or our approach going forward with live service games. Live service games are definitely something we want to do and continue our efforts.

There are two pillars, so to speak, that we can look to internally for our development teams, who are people from the same company. The first is the sheer fun of the core game mechanics that you will find in a live serve game and the second, the execution of the live serve itself.”

At this point it is unknown what the next PlatinumGames game will be as a service. However, considering that the single player experience is the most appreciated and expected of this research, as we have seen NieR: Automata y Bayonetta 3 on the last day, Many hope this is not a path the company is going down.

On a related topic, here you can check out our gameplay NieR: Automata Switch on. Likewise, the original voice Bayonetta 3 It will not return in new installments.


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