PlayStation 5 Update: New Auto Low Latency Mode Settings


Less latency while gaming!

News / Leonardo Giaza
Photo: Sony

The Sony PlayStation 5 software gets an update to version 5.5 and includes a few setting options for Auto Low Latency Mode, or ALLM for short. Combined with a compatible TV, your gaming experience, especially in multiplayer, can benefit from even less delays.

Although version 5.02 and 5.1 did not bring any major innovations to the game console and “simply” improved system performance, Version 5.5 PlayStation 5 At least a few Customization options for ALLM. If you download about 980 MB firmware update (Version: 22.01-05.50.00Installing and using a TV that supports auto low latency mode, new settings will be unlocked.

Additional ALLM settings

Down the screen and Video → Video Output → ALLM Since then there are two modes to choose from:

  • “If you Automatically Select, the TV will automatically switch to low latency mode while gaming. “
  • “If you Out of it ALLM will only be enabled when the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) video is output. “

You are now asking yourself: What is ALLM please? And from VRR Have I never heard of anything? Then feel free to take a look Our knowledge article There, we will explain these terms to you and also move on to HDMI 2.1. Confusion is still inevitable, because with an HDMI 2.1 connection, features like ALLM and VRR don’t always have to be present – here every television is different.

Do you already have an SSD storage expansion on your Sony PS5? If not, we’ll show you here – in writing and in a video – how you do it A PCIe Gen 4 M.2 SSD is installed And you have to pay attention. Reason: The more space you have, the more games you can play.


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