Postpay: The card trick that changes your life, you have to try it



How many times have we asked ourselves if it is possible to top up our postpay without paying Euros? Probably every time we top-up at the post office or the tobacconist, we find ourselves spending 1 and 2 euros respectively. And we didn’t like it very much.

After all, we also know that Poste Italiane cards have a cost, although it is low, and this cost consists of a fee of 12 euros per year for PostePay Evolution, Poste’s prepaid credit card that also has an Iban. Allows you to request a salary or pension credit and this allows us to settle your bills. In short, a nice savings since it doesn’t necessarily have to be linked to a current account.

PostePay - 20221029
PostePay –

But it is clear that there are management costs to bear and precisely because it is not linked to a current account or a postal or bank account, the issuing institution (especially the Italian post office) requires a fixed fee when reloading the card. . So, the question remains: Is there any way to top up the postpay card for free? If we talk about pure recharge, we can happily say no.

PostePay, if I make a bank transfer?

Post Italian - 20221029
Post Italian –

Circumstances can change, and must be conditioned in any case, if we decide to spend our money postpay By bank transfer. We use conditional because not all banking institutions allow such a facility, but if we have a current account with a credit institution that does not provide for a fixed fee for performing transfers, we can say that we reload our PostePay card. did for free.

It’s different if we decide to do it postmat, Even in that case we are obliged to pay a commission, which will be 1 euro if we move to the same credit institution, so the operation costs are lower. All this discussion of top-ups, of course, with the exception of transfers, also applies to cards Classic Postpay Of course, there is no Iban.

The Evolution of Karta Postpay This is undoubtedly the most attractive product of Post Italian. It has an eban, as we have seen, and it allows you to do credit and direct debit, as we have already seen. It also offers P2P (Person to Person) transactions that allow you to transfer money within moments. This card can be managed entirely online through the website or through the app available on both Android and Apple.


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