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Pixel smartphones are often described as smart, and that was especially the case with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro reviews. Rightly so, because there are some smart and clever functions that you won’t find in devices from the competition.

The bitter realization for German users is that we can only use a fraction of the functions that Google actually offers This is mainly due to the language barrier, the Google software understands English better than German

But if you bought a Pixel 7 or Pixel 6 today, you should enable functions that can be really handy.

Save contacts to Google Assistant

It is now possible to determine directly through the Contacts app whether a contact has a special relationship with a user. You can say, for example, that a contact should be saved as “Brother”. So the command is possible: “Hey Google, call my brother.

Google Assistant in the Contact app

To add more people, you need to open the “Contacts” section in the Google Assistant settings. Contacts with associated details can be saved there with Google Assistant.

Direct commands for incoming calls

In everyday life, it can also be practical if you can reject or accept calls with just a voice command. Starting with the Pixel 6, there are direct commands for this. They allow voice control for incoming calls without having to shout the hotword “Hey Google” first. There is “Accept”, “Reject” and “Ring Off”.

Google Assistant Shortcut

Call filter, also known as call screening

Call screening is hidden in the settings of the Telephone app in a much more obscure manner. In Germany, Google simply calls it Call Filter. Google Assistant accepts the call and you can follow it with text on the screen. The button offers to ask the caller questions. You can pick up the call anytime.

Screenshot 20211025 152838
Example of call screening

There are many more, at least in the US

The full duplex system is not yet available from us, so Google Assistant can take table reservations over the phone, for example. There is also a feature that automatically puts hotline calls on hold until a real human is on the other end. And the possibility of being able to see and manage the hotline selection menu (Direct My Call) on the telephone screen is completely new.

Assistant direct my call Anrufmenüpunkte

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