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Prosenic P11 vacuuming serial.

Proscenic P11 Smart Cordless Vacuum Review: Strong, but a little uncomfortable

MSRP $ 259.00

“Prosenic provides the P11 in terms of power and performance, although there were some design elements with which we had some difficulty adjusting.”


  • Strong and efficient

  • Lots of attachments

  • Decent battery life

  • Good filtration


  • The battery must be removed to charge

  • The power button comes in the way of the handgrip

  • A little on the expensive side

As the world of vacuum cleaners continues to grow, we are dealing with more and more options for how we want to deal with the dust, dirt and other particles in our homes.

Although traditional steep vacuums are still popular, many families are switching to robot vacuums for their cleaning needs – or at least as a complementary cleaner when it becomes too difficult to move around steep.

Fortunately, a lovely medium exists in the form of a cordless steep vacuum. Available from many of today’s top vacuum brands, these units use rechargeable batteries to get a vacuum instead of a power cord. Often lightweight but quite powerful, these models come with many attachments, as well as the option to use VAC in the traditional straightforward manner or for handheld applications.

We tested a model from Prosenic, An innovative foreign company that manufactures vacuums and other home appliances for weeks. After plenty of time on hand Proscenic P11 Smart Cordless Vacuum CleanerWe can say with pleasure that we have enjoyed most of our experience with the product.

Out of the box

Proscenic P11 box contents.

Packed in a simple white box, the Proscenic P11 comes with everything you need to vacuum right now. You’ll find the original vacuum body, a motorized brush attachment, a pet hair brush, a long cravis tool, a round brush head, a wall-mounting kit and user manuals. We were glad to see that our P11’s battery was fully powered out of the box.

Design and features

The Prosenic P11 The design is like many cordless vacuums today. The original vacuum body, motor and dustbin are all one component, with various attachments attached to this original peripheral. In terms of shell color, our test unit was gray with blue attachments and trim, and seems to be the only color option available at the moment.

From an operational point of view, one thing that made us feel a little uncomfortable was the placement of the power toggle under the P11’s handgrip. After turning on the vacuum, my hand naturally wanted to rest under the power button, but the space under the trigger narrowed a bit.

When using automatic mode, the P11 automatically adjusts the suction power based on the floor on which it is gliding.

This design decision tends to be slightly irritating in both steep and handheld applications. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, it is definitely something to look forward to.

Prosenic P11 on a sofa.

In terms of dirt capacity, the P11 contains a 650-ml dustbin with four filtering layers made up of plastic chambers: HEPA, sponge, steel mesh and a cyclone ionosphere stage. When the bin is full, simply place the P11 on top of a trash bin and lift the lock of the plastic dustbin (located below the bin).

Although dirt and other debris will fall directly, you may need to get your hands in the dustbin to get some hair and dust out of the rabbit.

As far as control goes, the P11 has a smooth touchscreen interface on top of the vacuum body. When the vacuum is powered, a battery power indicator is visible at the top of the display, with a fan icon at the bottom. Selecting the fan will take you through the three power settings of the vacuum.

Unlike other cordless vacuums with normal plug-and-play charging, the P11’s charge port is located on a removable battery pack. So, you need to undo the pack from the vacuum body whenever you need to juice it for your next cleaning session.

Strength and performance

One of the brush attachments of Proscenic P11

Using a 450-watt brushless motor system and capable of creating suction up to 25,000Pa in maximum settings, the Proscenic P11 is definitely engineered to deal with any clutter you drop into it. As mentioned, there are three distinct power modes to choose from: Echo, Auto and Max. For the next setting, the P11 automatically adjusts the suction power that it encounters depending on the type of floor surface.

So, when it comes to push-pull, did the vacuum really deliver? Yes, for the most part.

One big experiment we conducted was vacuuming the entire floor of a full 1,300-square-foot apartment with three floor styles: carpeting, linoleum and tile. With the battery at full power, we first gave the P11 a spin using the Echo setting. And to be honest, we were amazed at how much dirt, debris and hair had accumulated from our plush carpeting.

Then we decided to increase things a bit by switching to maximum power. This higher suction power not only greatly increases the P11 operating volume, but we also notice that the battery is quite beating.

For comparison, we are still able to vacuum about two-thirds of the apartment in eco mode while maintaining a full charge. After switching to Max Power, we can barely go through a whole room before the battery goes down to half power, another room drives one-third of P11’s initial charge. Although this discovery is not very surprising, as many cordless vacuums tend to lose steam in high output settings.

When using automatic mode, the P11 automatically adjusts the suction power based on the floor on which it is gliding. Sitting on top of our kitchen linoleum with brush head, auto mode Words Like a moderate setting – not as quiet as Echo mode but almost as loud as Max setting.

Moving from linoleum to our carpeting, the P11 remained almost at that mid-level energy level, with a few boosts in suction as we pushed the vacuum across the carpeting. As far as the battery, Auto Mode seems to be close to low power in terms of performance.

Prosenic P11 vacuuming serial.

Our next big experiment was dumping cereals on the kitchen floor and carpeting to see how P11 managed to clean it. Even at the lowest power setting, there was no fight to quickly sweep the cereal into the dustbin in space. In fact, we found that in this scenario the tendency to choose Max Power was too high, with the P11 closing a few kernels across the room.

We tested the same serial on our carpeting. And, again, the P11 has performed admirably, even in eco mode.

Moving from the floor to the furniture, we also dropped some cereals on the living room couch and went hand in hand with the P11, decorating the vacuum with its bristled pet hair attachment. Again, even at its lowest settings, the P11 has done an excellent job of cleaning the serial in a quick way.

One thing we did notice though was that when we lowered the power and lifted the vacuum from the couch, a few serial bits escaped from the dustbin. After giving the vacuum a jolt, a few more fell. Although we were able to vacuum them without any problems, we recommend holding the P11 straight when using it for handheld applications.

Battery life

The Prosenic P11 Contains a 2,500mAh lithium-ion battery pack that lasts up to an hour. The company claims that the battery can be fully recharged in just 2.5 hours with the help of fast charging technology.

Based on our usage, hour runtime extends somewhat. We assume that this specification was adopted only by running the P11 in Echo mode, since the automatic and maximum power settings must drain the battery more quickly. In fact, using a combination of three suction speeds, our runtime was around 35 minutes before recharging the battery.

To address any issues related to battery loss, Proscenic encourages its customers to purchase a separate battery, which we were able to. Find Amazon for 50.

Price and warranty

Currently, the Proscenic P11 can be purchased with the Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Amazon And Proscenic Direct for 239, A markdown from its original 259 price. The P11 also comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Our acceptance

Based on our experience with Proscenic P11, we are happy to give the product a solid thumbs-up. While the removable battery pack and handgrip may be an element of the uncomfortable design that you need to get used to, we thought the vacuum performed admirably.

The power settings were easy to cycle, the attachments had a breeze to connect and disconnect, and the bonus features like the head-mounted LED lights on the main brush attachment were nice additions.

How long will it last?

Based on the one-year warranty and the fact that you can buy extra battery packs, we bet that the Proscenic P11 will last about three to five years when it is operated for the intended purpose. Keep in mind that although P11 can go handheld, you don’t want to use it to suck liquid.

Is there a better option?

If you prefer a corded steep vacuum with similar strength and properties to the P11, Shark Apex Uplight is a great choice. Although a little more expensive, Dyson V11 Animals Complete with a stellar cordless option, three power modes and top filtration.

For those looking for a smaller cordless vacuum, the Eufy HomeVac H30 is a great choice for a tanner mess.

Will you buy it?

Yes, really. The Proscenic P11 is worth investing in, especially when it comes to overall suction power, design and attachments.

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