Protected by Android: Here’s how Google will strengthen the security of Android devices –


Google has released a new video on YouTube highlighting the importance of the concept of “protected by Android” to ensure the security of the world’s most used mobile operating system.

Google Its commitment to privacy has been strengthened in recent years thanks to the development of various software solutions that, when taken together, have the most to do. Android device security And those who use them. The American company recently launched a new slogan, “Protected by Android“Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Google svela “Protected by Android” (screenshot YouTube Google)

This word choice was not unnoticed on stage Google I / O 2022When Mountain View showed a preview of the Giants’ security and privacy department Android 13 Where the word “Protected by AndroidWhich has become the protagonist of a new Google video released through its YouTube channel.

Protected by Android: Google’s commitment to the security of Android devices

This video reinforces the concept and explains its sensitivity Google Subject. Protected by Android It is actually a kind of umbrella or macro-section that contains all the functions created by the US company to ensure maximum privacy and security of its users. Android. A commercial, in short, to refer to even the most skeptical person about the security of Google’s mobile operating system, despite the presence of some malware that is able to hide on devices using the open and versatile nature of the “green robot”.

Protected by Android First, it highlights its protective function Play ProtectA system included in the official Android Store for the purpose of control Android application And prevent malicious software or software containing viruses. In general, this tool is really valuable, even if history tells us that some cunning malware (such as dangerous Joker) Has been able to overcome the protective barrier of Play Protect.

Continue the lecture with Security patchDistributed monthly by Google to fix known vulnerabilities and ultimately an important alternativeGPS access to apps and servicesWhich must be approved by the user.

In short, a promise that touches on different aspects, as confirmed by the video shown in the previous lines.

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