Realistic version of the fight between Goku and Jackie Chan Atomics




Fights though A kind of cartoon They are the most loved by the masses, having a group of fans who never forget the original work. Thus, an artist decided to create a realistic version of the memorial Goku and Master Roshi clash in the Twenty-first Tenkaichi Tournament disguised as Jackie Chun.

Through his Instagram account, the artist known as JasonCongart undertook the task of creating an image with a realistic touch of the final blow between Goku and Jackie Chan, The kick that defined the winner of this memorable tournament.


At the end of the day, Jackie Chun won, and with that he was able to teach his students that winning isn’t everything in life, and that they should continue training to improve themselves. undoubtedly, An important lesson that, to this day, Goku continues to take into account.

On a related note, this is what Dragon Ball characters would look like in real life. Similarly, there is already a date for the new DLC Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.


Editor’s note:

Jasonkangart’s work looks great. With that said, it’s nice to see that certain fans don’t forget the former A kind of cartoonThere was already a story that, in some ways, surpassed what we saw when Goku grew up.

Through: jasonkongart


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