Reasons given for adding new characters to Overwatch 2 Battle Pass


Overwatch 2 About hitting the market, so blizzard It is also revealing more characters that are going to be added to the lore and competition of this popular video game series. And now, they’ve given reasons why they’re implementing them through Battle Pass, a trick that lets you make adjustments to make things more balanced.

Recently going to be a part of the company Xbox, ensures that the heroes’ weaknesses and strengths are going to be somewhat reduced, as known reasons, some are more effective than others. And now, the matter will be somewhat fair and will help users stay longer in command of a single character in the series.

Based on the decision, it was concluded that now the new heroes will not be able to enter the competitive mode immediately, to give all users time to train. Also, this will be a window of opportunity to start analyzing strategies and thus give the games proper balance when it comes time to enter that mode.

blizzard That said, new heroes will be released in every alternate season except Seasons 1 and 2. Which means the latter will be released in the fourth and sixth seasons. Some frequent users will get used to it.

Remember that Overwatch 2 will come PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC The October 4th.

Through: IGN


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