Rugged Apple Watch, all we know about the new Apple smartwatch


Rumors are rife about the September release of the Apple Watch Explorer, and Apple is ready to challenge options like the Smartwatch Casio’s G-Shock. Here’s what we know so far about the rugged Apple Watch

This will be one of the main innovations of the presentation The new iPhone 14 And will not only act as a spring-partner. Chatted Apple Watch Rugged It is preparing to officially launch, along with Apple’s new strategies, which aim to strengthen already significant businesses by embracing new user segments in the wearable sector.

The new Apple Watch Explorer (Unsplash) should arrive in September

Rumors about the special Apple Watch Running after each other since March last year, when Bloomberg’s reliable journalist Mark Gurman spoke of its existence. Smartwatch Apple Very different from the rest of the line-up with features based on scratch and bump resistance. This device has been renamed with a nickname “Explorer version“And the latest rumors have corrected the shot: the smartwatch should be marketed under Apple Watch Explorer And will probably hit the market between September and October, with the rest of the fleet of new Apple devices.

LawApple Watch is random Resistance will make it one of its main features, thanks to the more casual and less expensive case in the case of materials, including a rubberized exterior finish to maximize impact resistance. Apple Watch will go back G-Shock By Casio, which means the smartwatch should be surpassed in terms of chassis Size The current Apple Watch on the market and as a result, shows a larger display. Want to make some comparisons, next Apple Watch Series 8 It should have the maximum size 45 mmAnd it’s likely that the Explorer model could at least repeat this value.

As Mark Gurman mentioned, Apple Watch Explorer The same philosophy will be replicated than the traditional ones Apple Watch, A true top of the range with a technical sheet. So we expect the Series 8 to feature the same processor as well as the main hardware components. Apple’s new smartwatch.

Rugged Apple Watch: Many colors and the same processor as the Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Rugged Apple Watch Explorer
Resistance, power and many sensors: these will be the weapons of the sick Apple Watch (Unsplash)

The design will obviously change – although the rectangular side will remain central – and there will be new colors. Being a product “Laborious”, It seems obvious to assume the same range of inserts Sensor And the function dedicated to health and we won’t be really surprised to see some more elements – perhaps in an exclusive form – in the “Explorer” model, appropriately dedicated to those who practice extreme sports.

And the price? Much will depend on Apple’s approach. As a niche product, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Cupertino Giant chooses a consistent price list because of the uniqueness of the wearability. One thing is for sure: Apple Watch Explorer Can make sick smartwatches more widespread and popular.

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