Rumors: Nintendo is privatizing Switch videos, leading to more Switch Pro speculation


We’ve been looking forward to a possible Nintendo Switch successor for a long time, and while we’ve got new models in the form of switch lights and switch LEDs, the “Switch Pro” hasn’t been able to raise its head. Now there’s more fuel for the fire as the development is seen as a potential indicator of horizon news on Nintendo’s YouTube channel. A new video from GameExplain (see above) goes through this development and its possible consequences.

As specified by the user Luke Manak Famiboards in the forum (later confirmed by the user Meet) Nintendo has personally posted two videos on its official North American channel: Switch Light and the trailer for Switch OLED. Each of these videos was free for public viewing, but now they are nowhere to be found It was mentioned that just before the switch unveiled the LED, Nintendo also personalized the Switch Lite trailer, leading to speculation that they might now do the same in preparation for another new announcement. If this is true, they can personalize these videos to focus all their efforts (and consumer attention) on something new.

We’re still in the middle of the “Summer of Games” where many developers and publishers hold press conferences for new game announcements and teaser videos. Nintendo still has to share something directly outside of third parties, as well as someone just focusing on Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Could they have something else up their sleeve, and it could be announcing some sort of new hardware? If so, could it be Switch Pro or even Switch 2?

Of course, personalizing some YouTube videos is rarely an approval, and it can’t go anywhere. This is certainly not the first time that we have encountered false rumors about a new Nintendo console. But maybe, maybe, this time it could be different. Stay tuned we are eagerly waiting for more information!

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