Samsung, Attack on Power (from Apple): All leaks of Galaxy Buds 2 Pro leaked


Samsung’s charge and the power of the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. In the case of the South Korean giant’s earphones, Apple wants to attack that power. The big leap in the quality of South Korean gadgets, will be published soon, otherwise cannot be explained.

Samsung – Adobe stock

Samsung has done a really good job of hiding the designs of its next big products, as a sign of change, despite not doing the math well at the moment. Evan Blass.

The leak, in fact, was the latest leak of Samsung-made headphones a few days before the preview of the next Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro. The amazing new generation AirPods Pro will be called the next competitor. Buds 2 Pro Above all, the “standard” indicates a deeper connection to the Buds 2 than the first-generation Buds Pro, not the Galaxy Buds Pro 2.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro: Same, so different

Galaxy Buds Pro 20220708 Cell
Galaxy Buds Pro – Adobe Stock

Of course, active noise cancellation is present in all three products, and although i Galaxy Buds 2 Pro The three colors depicted are clearly recognizable, they are somehow markedly different from their predecessors.

For example, both white and purple pathways are equipped with black holes, microphones and large speaker grills that give the new bud a fresh air of uniqueness. And just like the OG Buds Pro (but not the Buds 2), all three versions will be shipped together with a seemingly combined charging case (both inside and outside).

Overall, how the design i Galaxy Buds Pro These are seen on the outside instead of the Buds 2, which indicates that the wearable IPX7 will mimic the water resistance standard instead of the much lower IPX2 rating of the latter, which offers improvements in key areas such as sound quality: voice call clarity, both of the extremely popular product families. Active Noise Cancellation and Surround Mode Functionality for Existing Members.

Evan Blass It can’t just confirm those updates: at least we’ll have to wait for the event to get closer. Unpack Samsung’s, scheduled for next month, so that everything is definitely clear. If not, of course, Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Not previously set to official mode.

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