Samsung, battery drama: The cause of the problem explained



A very serious problem that Samsung is facing is with its smartphone battery. Especially following the latest testimonials posted on YouTube. The company’s response was not long in coming

This has been one of the most talked about topics in recent weeks. As originated and explained by several YouTubers on the Google platform, several brands of smartphones Samsung will be affected by a severe Battery problem.

Samsung battery 20221009
Battery issues with Samsung After a long discussion and issues raised over the past few weeks, the company has responded (Adobe Stock)

In particular, models that are set aside and not loaded for some time, may represent A danger to users. Especially, months after the last recharge The battery may swell Due to gas formation. Then, when they reach a threshold level, the cells risk exploding and causing a fire.

Battery issues with Samsung, company’s response

You have one at home too Smartphone Samsung That you no longer use and have not uploaded for a long time? Be very careful, because you can take a lot of risks in case of excessive cell swelling. If you want to fix this, there is one step that cannot be done for some reason: Charge the phone. The latter does not even require disassembly to remove the battery. It would be best to keep it in a fireproof bag. Or if the device is relatively new, you can try contacting the company for a possible exchange.

Samsung battery 20221009
However, we cannot speak of a definitive solution yet. The next few weeks will be decisive in understanding how consumers should behave to avoid serious consequences (Adobe Stock)

The company has already responded in this regard. was not A real location related to It was the support team who intervened, however, giving a rather generic answer and withdrawing the concerned phone. It seems the South Korean giant is working to make sense How to solve it all, but to date there is no definitive solution. Hopefully, the answer to the problem will come soon, because the consequences can be quite serious.

Especially if the fire spreads to the homes of users who own older Samsung devices. In that case, you have to argue with the company very heavy problems, Which can lead to court. We’ll see if comforting news comes in the next few weeks or if we have to wait before we get an answer. Meanwhile, keep Remove the old telephone from your house.


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