Samsung has the most popular smartphones


Unlike other products, smartphones are not necessarily becoming more expensive. This may not necessarily apply to the manufacturer’s RRP, but the devices are still pretty well priced for the price. Market leader Samsung, which is simply unbeatable at the moment, could benefit from this as well.

Here in Germany, it’s not really worth looking at ten popular smartphones for fans of other brands says that seven of the ten most popular smartphones are made by Samsung. The mid-range Samsung Galaxy A53 takes first place

Smartphones remain popular and aren’t really getting more expensive

“The general price-demand index rose for the fourth straight month since June,” it reported Due to a new analysis. “It is 95.84 in September versus 93.89 in June. The September value is now 2.9 percentage points higher than the previous year’s value in September 2021.

“The situation is different with smartphones. For this reason, the price-demand index in September fell by about one percent compared to the previous month. Contrary to the generally observed price increase, the most popular smartphone prices are 7.5 percent lower than last year’s price level.”

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