Samsung wants to significantly improve the fingerprint scanner



Fingerprint sensor – a feature that is now available only on Android smartphones. Apple hasn’t dared to push a sensor under the iPhone’s display since the demise of the home button.

There is also an obvious reason for this: there are two different methods of operating such sensors, including light and ultrasound. The latter is considered significantly more secure, which is why it is also used in Samsung flagships.

Can recognize full screen prints

Apparently, the South Korean manufacturer is now working on the next generation. Samsung is probably working on a technology to recognize multiple fingerprints simultaneously. Dieter May, CEO of a French company in this industry, disclosed this in an interview.

Additionally, the entire screen should be available for fingerprint unlocking, not just a small area. This will save regular repositioning of the finger if you don’t hit the area optimally.

Three fingers are much safer than one

Ultrasound, as already mentioned, is considered more secure than the optical method for scanning fingerprints, according to Samsung, security can be multiplied by using multiple fingers.

However, we can’t expect this technology on the Samsung Galaxy S23 for a long time. According to Dieter May, this could be until 2025. In principle, the latter development also seems plausible, although it remains to be seen how cheaply Samsung can manufacture these components. Customers probably won’t want to pay a surcharge for this.


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