Scientists have found a solution to go through walls with Wi-Fi


Since Internet Wireless exists, there is always an obstacle that users have to practically glue to the modem to get a good signal, and that is the wall. And now, a new investigation may make the discovery of the century, a transmission that finally doesn’t distinguish the boundary between the signal and the receiving device.

In a new article published the nature, it is explained that there is a way to calculate to detect the position of the obstacles in advance and that the signal waves do not have to bounce, but pass through the walls. Although for this, you need to place the elements at certain angles, so that there are no extra obstacles between them.

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Here is a snippet from the article:

The first thing is to transmit certain waves through the medium and measure exactly how they are reflected by the material. We were able to show that with this information a corresponding compensating medium can be calculated for any medium that propagates waves in a complex manner, such that the combination of two mediums allows the waves to pass completely. The key is to find a mathematical method to calculate the exact shape of the reflecting surfaces.

This article may be quite important, because based on testing, they may develop some new modems that allow this kind of behavior, but it may take time for it to become common. For now, we’ll have to wait a little longer for the calculations to be more accurate, although things regarding Wi-Fi are on the right track.

Through: the nature


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