Second Extinction’s janky co-op dino shooting shows potential


In Jurassic Park, they should’ve just quickscoped the velociraptors, obviously. I’ve killed a lot of them that way, although admittedly I’m always gnashed into pulp eventually, because Second Extinction’s world is effectively overrun with infinite dinos (sometimes they just appear out of nowhere). It also doesn’t help that some of them shoot magic electricity and others burrow into the ground like sandworms. Sam Neill and Laura Dern never had to deal with that.

I like that Second Extinction, which released in Early Access earlier this week, gets to the point quickly. You and your co-op pals get into drop pods, plummet to a dinosaur-infested earth, and then kill loads of the bipedal bastards while completing a simple objective, like finding and blowing up a cavern that is extra full of dinos.

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