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Smart sensors are undoubtedly very interesting gadgets and are becoming increasingly popular in Italian homes. Their purpose is to detect the presence of people in different rooms, consequently turning on lights only when needed and turning them off automatically when the same room is empty.

Smart motion sensor, 9/13/2022 –

These are products that have been in the market for some time, but with the energy crisis of recent months they are selling like hot cakes and moreover, New technologies have made it possible to make them smart, sustainable and above all economical. Let’s see together what they are The most attractive models for sale on Amazon.

Philips Hue motion sensor

Let’s start with the signature smart sensor Phillips, Hugh Model. Wired defines it as “the most practical and exemplary solution for rooms in the house”. It is a wireless sensor with an elegant appearance and which seems clearly invisible; It can be placed anywhere but to control the light you need a Philips Bridge Hub which acts as a link between the sensor and the bulbs to be controlled. The price is 40.99 euros
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Osram Smart + Motion Sensor

Let’s continue with its motion sensor Osram. This is a product that actually has the same characteristics as Philips and in this case requires a “bridge” because the wireless communication with the bulbs is performed via the ZigBee protocol (it can be used, for example, with Amazon’s Echo). The sensor can be connected to table lamps and other appliances through the manufacturer’s smart plug system. The price is 39 euros.
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Smart motion sensor, 9/13/2022 -
Smart motion sensor, 9/13/2022 –

Smart motion sensors, here are the best models on the market

OUSOFT LED cabinet lighting

We continue with Oussoft LED Wardrobe Light, Perfect for the wardrobe but also for the kitchen work table. It is actually an LED lamp that avoids turning on the main light of the room. It’s a bar that has a motion sensor, light bulb, interface to control intensity and a 1,600 mAh battery with USB-C charging. The price is 27.99 eurosA bargain indeed.
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Smart sensor from XIAOMI

Among the most popular smart sensor models for sale we find the branded one xiaomi, read Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2. It is a classic night light that detects the person’s movement and turns on for 15 seconds. Its peculiarity is given by the fact that the light body can be removed from the base and can therefore be used as a transport lamp. There are two brightness levels and the sensors detect movement up to a distance of six meters The price is only 18.90 euros.
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We close with socket lights Soy, another solution that avoids turning on the main light, thus allowing savings on bills. It is a light dedicated to the night hours: they are inserted directly into the socket and light up slightly when moving, but only when the room is dark. It is ideal for those who usually wake up frequently and voluntarily at night and who are looking for a source of light but not disturbing others. The price is 16.99 euros
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