So you can know how big the mobile is before buying it



Thanks to this website you can see any mobile in real form and compare it with others.

So you can know how big the mobile is before buying it

Today, when you go to buy a new mobile, the most common thing you do is this Through an online store like Amazon or AliExpressBecause they offer you Very competitive prices and they ship the terminal to your homeWith the comfort that this entails.

Undoubtedly, there are big problems with such purchases You can’t see the terminal and hold it in your hand how big it isBut even it has a solution today, since, next, we are going to explain How to check a terminal size before you buy it.

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It is so easy that you can check the size of a mobile before buying it.

With you can see the actual size of the terminal before buying is a website that will allow you to Know the real size of a smartphone and compare it with other mobile phones in the market before buying it. With this website you will be able to compare the size of virtually all terminals on the market, since The list of devices included in this website is really extensive.

In addition, this web tool is very easy to use, because Check the actual size of a terminal You just need to follow a few simple steps:

  • Access the web
  • Click the button Start the comparison
  • Enter the name of the smartphone you want to see in real form in the search box and it will appear below
  • Check the option Credit card object And you will be shown a real size bank card
  • Move this card with the mouse until it is over the mobile to check the actual size of the device compared to the card

Also you can Compare the actual size of one terminal to another And for this you just need to perform the following actions:

  • Access the website
  • Click the button Start the comparison
  • Type in the search box The name of the first smartphone Do you want to compare?
  • Once it appears below, type in the search bar Name of the second device And you can see it in real form as well
  • Click the button select That will appear just below each of them and you’ll be shown, just above, a text with it Difference between height, width and thickness in both centimeters and inches

By default it will show you the actual size of the front of the terminal, but you can do the same with the back or sides. Selecting them from the drop-down menu displayed at the top.

This web tool will make the job easier Choose a terminal according to its size And it’s really useful, especially when you’re hesitating between different models and You don’t know which is bigger.


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