Social listening status in 2022 – Improving your listening process


How can you improve and refine your social media monitoring process to maximize the value of your business?

This is the final element that we wanted to establish based on the data we collected State of Social Listening 2022 ReportConducted in partnership with Molten water. We’ve gathered feedback from over 650 professionals across across a variety of industries to learn how marketers are benefiting from their social listening programs and how they translate their listening insights into their strategic communication processes.

This final summary is part of our larger State of Social Listing report, which you can download in full. HereWhen you see the first, two and three parts of the summary of our report.

Part IV: Creating an Advanced Social Hearing Strategy

So what’s the key takeaway from our 2022 Social Licensing Report?

It is clear that most businesses now see the value of tuning in to social media conversations and that they are reaping significant benefits from what they do. But the actual process remains challenging for many.

In fact, feedback indicates that many businesses do not feel that they are getting the most out of their listening efforts because they do not have the skills available to fully capitalize on their opportunities.

Some of these can be solved with smart apps and tools designed to simplify the process. Twitter, for example, is TweetDeck is working on a new advanced search monitoring toolIts native monitoring dashboard, which makes it easy to understand the various parameters available, while different apps are similar, enabling faster set-up and working to better specify filtering.

But none of these solutions are perfect, and it is almost impossible for automated tools to cram into knowledge year after year. Boolean search string To make sure you get the most out of your monitoring efforts in the most effective way.

Which is really the key. For years, even before the age of social media, media monitoring services relied on Boolean String experts to provide their clients with only the most relevant alerts, and with many paying for these alerts, they had to become more efficient to ensure customer satisfaction. Monitoring system for.

But these are complex, and require thorough investigation and interrogation For example, do you know that you can Filter your Twitter search results By specific region or city? ‘Near’ or ‘Geocode’ will filter your results by location using search operands, just two of the more than 30 qualifications that you can add to Twitter search to improve your results.

Here is an example of action:

Near Pizza: In Washington: 15 miles – “Pizza Hut”

Using this search string will only give me a list of all references to pizza except the Pizza Hut in the Washington DC area. And nowhere near how to get specific search strings with Boolean content available on most monitoring platforms.

Which probably suggests that you have to learn and have Different courses available Which teaches operand more deeply, when Google has its own set Search parameters It can be helpful to filter your results.

Or you may need to partner with experts in the field to establish a clearer, more relevant reference to your business. Again, various third party apps offer solutions on this front, and many will provide their own experts to help you set up your search term – and the good news is that, often, you only need to set up your search string once, from there. With minimal refinements for your main posts.

Of course, there will be breaking events and issues that will affect your key terms, so building an underlying understanding, as much as you can, will help. But our response data here shows that most businesses are not confident that they are maximizing their listening opportunities, yet with that in mind, they are still seeing clear benefits from their own, basic initiatives and strategies.

Social Media Listening Survey - 2022

More data is always good, and staying on top of social listening industry trends and direct feedback and a broad understanding of your specific market can be one of the best, most effective ways to build your business. Some brands and products will find more references than others, providing more insights, but there are ways for all businesses to gather valuable, effective strategic insights from a refined social media monitoring program.

But if you don’t see it, you won’t know, and you won’t be able to tap into all the insights available unless you know how people are discussing your brand and sector, what they really want to know about their purchasing process, and how to connect the dots between different data points. .

There are opportunities, and they do not necessarily require significant investment. But dedicating resources to learning, or working with those who have, will pay off over time.

You can download our full state of social listening report in partnership with Meltwater, Here.

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