Sony notes that subscription services can reduce the value of a game


As is known, the video game industry is gradually branching out, as there are titles that are already purely a service and others that retain the essence of a player. and now, sony It’s come to talk about what subscription services look like in games and how it can be far from quality.

event time CADETop leaders in the gaming industry were recently surveyed on D’s proposed purchasee Activision-Blizzard by $68.7 billions de Microsoft. The answer is one sony Its importance has been discussed Call of Duty and reactions to AAA versus subscription-based games.

This is what the legal advisor said Sony Interactive Entertainment, Levi and Solomon:

Although Sony agrees that subscription services compete with games purchased for a one-time fee, the lower immediate cost of subscription services to consumers allows publishers to recoup a significant investment in titles by selling them for a fee. Non-competitive primaries can harm consumers by reducing quality.

In this context, they also emphasize how their PS Plus The subscription solves the problem, because even though they offer free games like their competition, eventually big productions don’t come one day. In fact, they will arrive after a year has passed, for guaranteed sales by the most loyal followers.

They chose to bring games as well pcAnd one of the most interesting Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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