Sony Patent offers that compatibility around the PS3-era may be available for the PS5


It offers a new patent Sony Maybe you’re trying to create legacy devices that are compatible with modern devices, such as peripherals or mobile devices PlayStation Keyboard.

Patent (supervised) Dementia game) Looks like old Sony hardware, such as B. old media remote, dualshock controller and even a portable console, probably PSP Go, used through emulation PlayStation 5.

The image below shows a DualShock, a Sony Media Remote, a PlayStation Mouse, an iTouch game, a PlayStation Move stick, and a memory card.

Sony has always abandoned much of this technology, most recently the PlayStation Move Stick, which is still used to control the first iteration of the PlayStation VR.

Sony Patent offers that compatibility around the PS3-era may be available for the PS5

What makes the patent even more interesting is that the peripherals seem to date back to the PS3 era, which may indicate that it is part of Sony. Attempts to mimic the system have been reportedWhich has just switched to live streaming as part of Sony’s new PlayStation Plus branding.

While one can imagine how Sony explores this legacy technology through simulations, given that there are no devices currently available for purchase other than the PS Move Wands, it can only be a process to simulate the functionality of these components. Software instead of compatibility with PlayStation 5

Sony’s new PlayStation Plus offer, now rolled out in most areas, offers three levels, the top of which is access to classic games from the PlayStation Back Catalog.

When heading from PlayStation, PlayStation 2 And PlayStation Portable They are represented by imitation, PlayStation 3It is known to be difficult to imitate due to its unique technology can only be run through broadcast.

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