SOS: How it works on the phone, if you do, go safe



Your smartphone, regardless of its make and model, certainly integrates an emergency function that, hopefully, should never be used, but can be convenient to have among the available features.

Emergency SOS App - 20221021
Emergency SOS App –

More or less, functions SOS is essential It works the same on all different phone models, the obvious difference being that it depends on the model of the mobile, whether it is a phone or not iOS o Android

Basically the purpose of this emergency function is to notify authorities or contacts “ice” (in an emergency) that you have a problem and therefore need your help

Emergency SOS function: Features according to phone model

Emergency call - 20221021
Emergency call –

iPhone – If you have an iPhone, the emergency function allows you to quickly access emergency services in any country or let one or more contacts know that you have help. First task: Set up your emergency contacts.

If you’re using an iPhone, the Emergency SOS feature lets you quickly call emergency services in any country you’re in and let one or more selected contacts know you need help. First you need to set up those contacts: you can do this from the Health app, where you need to tap on the profile photo and access Doctor ID from there.

The following path involves editing > Emergency Contacts > Add Emergency Contact and selecting one or more names from the address book. Once finished, tap on Finish. There is another setting to enable as an option.

The path is Settings > Enable Emergency SOS and Call on Hold (to call emergency services by pressing a special button) or 5-press call, to call emergency services by pressing one of the side buttons 5 times in quick succession.

Samsung Galaxy – In the case of Samsung Galaxy Android, you can configure the SOS function by following the following path: Main settings> Security and emergency> Send SOS message: At this point you can configure the number of quick presses of the side button to enable the work.

On the Send SOS Message screen, you can also choose to include images and a five-second audio recording with your emergency message. Also, you can have your Samsung Galaxy phone call someone automatically after sending messages: Tap Call someone automatically, then choose a contact.

Google Pixel – These phones are pre-installed with a security app that also includes emergency SOS function. To enable it, simply tap on Emergency SOS at the top of the opening screen and then activate the Use Emergency SOS switch to enable the feature on your phone.

On the main screen of the Safety app, you can turn on traffic accident detection. If the Pixel phone thinks you’ve been in an accident, it’ll make a sound and ask you if you’re okay; If you don’t respond to this request, your phone will try to contact emergency services and share your current location.


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