Spotify changes everything: there is a new better version, everyone can try it



Spotify gets better and prepares to impress all its users. A completely new version is coming, more performance and has been made accessible to anyone. Here’s what you need to know about it

lo Musical streaming It is registering more and more impressive numbers. Virtually anyone has an active subscription to at least one of the many platforms available on the market, which offer millions of songs of all genres and ages without limits or ads. And let’s not forget the podcast, now a point of reference Entertainment on the net.

Spotify Platinum 20221015
Spotify gets a new version that lets you listen to music in a better way (Adobe Stock)

Going to be the best platform ever Spotify. Despite fierce competition, the Swedish company has managed to build an unprecedented reputation over the years. And considering the many improvements that could soon become part of the service, the phenomenon doesn’t seem to want to stop. For all subscribed users.

Spotify prepares a new version: what it is

Think about what you can improve on SpotifyThere is one aspect that immediately catches the eye over the others: Audio reproduction quality. And it could not be otherwise, considering that we are talking about a platform designed to listen to music and podcasts in the best possible way. Users also consider becoming increasingly detail-oriented and sophisticated Latest generation equipment, That is the best offer in the market.

Spotify Platinum 20221015
All Details for Spotify Platinum (Adobe Stock)

Already in February 2021 Lossless mode As for streaming from Spotify, that became an option by the end of last year. There were quite a few delays in the end, but now it looks like we’re in. An additional version is coming for the platform, which will allow you to take advantage Hi-Fi audio. But not only that, again within the subscription, other benefits like Headphone Calibration, Audio Insight, Library and Playlist Pro are also available. Apart from other exclusive benefits not yet mentioned.

The name of the service will be called Spotify Platinum, it is not yet official and hence there is no specific information for the release time. However, everything indicates that little is missing, and the rollout could be as late as 2022. We’ll have to see if it arrives in Italy immediately and the launch price. 19.99 euros per month, As arising from an indiscretion a few months ago.


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