Television up 8% in January as streaming surges and broadcast booms – Nielsen – Social Media Explorer


Television up 8% in January as streaming surges and broadcast booms – Nielsen

by Adam

With 197.6 Billion viewings, the January 1st week broke all previous streaming records. Christmas Week 2021 is now second with 183 Billion viewings. The 12% increase in monthly volume, which was unprecedented in any other category, resulted in an additional 1.1% rise in streaming share that set another record of 28.9% television usage. For the month of January, streaming averaged 180 billion minutes per week – the highest average weekly figure of any month since SME introduced streaming measurement.

Broadcast consumption was up 9% versus December, a trend driven by arguably the most compelling NFL playoffs ever – and increased engagement with refreshed broadcast dramas, up 22% compared to the previous month. Although cable usage was up 3%, it lost 1.7 shares points to reach 35.6%. This is mainly due to holiday movie seasons.

Let me take you to the details of our methodology.

You can see Brian Fuhrer (SVP Product Strategy, SME) giving a behind-the-scenes view of some of The Gauge’s viewing adjustments.


The Gauge is a monthly analysis of consumers’ access to content on key TV delivery channels, such as Broadcast, Streaming and Cable. The chart also shows the breakdown of major streaming distributors. It shows both the percentage of total TV use by each streaming distributor and by category.

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