Tensor G2: The Pixel 7 processor isn’t as cutting-edge as expected



Before the launch of the Pixel 7 series, the new Tensor G2 processor was always thought of as a new production size. Meanwhile, Google has released details refuting earlier rumors and reports on the matter.

A smaller manufacturing process of 4 nm will mean another leap in efficiency and speed. Simply put, this benchmark indicates how close a processor’s components are to each other and how fast they can communicate.

Google was the first to mention this detail about the Tensor G2

Regardless, the Tensor G2 should get a head start if there’s hardly any other innovation in terms of processor cores on board. Google is now there announcementThat manufacturing process is still at 5 and not yet 4 nm.

One can certainly question whether this is not enough progress or whether Google is doing quite well with proven technology. For our users, I see a manageable meaning of things.

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