Teradek TOF.1 Rangefinder with AF Tracking – Newsshooter



Teradek has​ announced the ​TOF.1​ Rangefinder for the RT Wireless Lens Control Systems. The TOF.1 is being touted as an affordable, lightweight infrared rangefinder that is compatible with Teradek’s ​RT Wireless Lens Control Systems​.

Range Finder with AF

Teradek TOF1 05

The TOF.1 gives focus pullers accurate, real-time distance measurements between a camera’s focal plane and the subject being filmed. Range finders have been around for a long time, but one of the features that look to be interesting with the TOF.1 is a new autofocus function that can continuously track a subject and instantaneously adjust the lens motor.

Once TOF.1 is properly calibrated with MDR.X, the autofocus is activated with a simple on/off toggle. A specific focus tracking point is selected by the operator, and subject proximity information from TOF.1 is utilized for instantaneous adjustments by the lens motor to maintain constant critical focus. ​A proprietary smoothing algorithm is claimed to prevent excessive jitter within the lens motor.

This is a pretty impressive feature and it will be interesting to see just how well it works in the field.

Product Highlights

  • Line-of-sight accuracy up to 80ft (25.4m)
  •  IR sensor with a 3° field of view
  • Refresh rate of 60 measurements per second
  • Distance Readouts on MDR.X, CTRL.1, and CTRL.3
  • Autofocus functionality with Teradek RT
  • Single cable for Power+Control
  • Detachable Laser Sight for pinpoint accuracy
  • Customizable Distance Overlays on SmallHD monitors