The best Wasteland 3 builds



The world of post-nuclear Colorado is harsh and unforgiving, so making sure you have the best Wasteland 3 builds for your Rangers and Companions is crucial. As Jody pointed out in his Wasteland 3 guide, the third entry in the series does feel more modern than the second, but there’s still plenty for you to get your head around.

So, below you’ll find an example Wasteland 3 build for a leader, sniper, and melee type, as well as some advice on how to round out your party once you’ve got the core players in place.


Wasteland 3 sniper build

  • Background: Goat Killer
  • Quirks: Death Wish/Sadomasochist
  • Attributes: Awareness, Intelligence, Luck
  • Skills: Sniper Rifles, Small Arms, Sneaky Shit
  • Weapons: Negotiator, M1911/Army Revolver


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