The Big Bang Theory creators talk about a possible return


A series that shakes up pop culture big bang theory, The group of nerds with a conclusion that was the same that was its respective end, who were the icons of an entire generation. And now, on the franchise’s 15th anniversary, its creators, Chuck Lorre and Bill PradyTalk in an interview about their interest in returning to the story.

During the question session they were told about their possible return, to which they both replied that they would like to bring back new adventures of the boys with geek tastes. However, it would be a bit early to have a meeting for now, so they would prefer to rest more so that people start placing special orders and making a lot of noise.

This is what he himself commented Pradi Related:

Do I want to stand on stage somewhere and see those characters again? Of course yes. Can I imagine a way to do this? I can’t. But personally, do I want to go to Stage 25 and see those sets, those costumes and those people? Yeah, I just get excited about it. But I don’t know how we will do it.

For now, fans can relive their favorite episodes The big bang theory On and on through the seasons HBO Max.

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