The first video game for dogs is already a fact




Video games are a product that can be aimed at all kinds of people, from adults who want to try shooters or horror experiences, although there are more children’s titles. However, many may think that some pets cannot play them for obvious reasons, but apparently this stigma may disappear very soon.

The organization is responsible for this Joipao, who published these two video games. First, the mechanics are similar to the classic game shake A the mole. In the second, the pet has to interact with different animals crossing the screen. Something that could be like a flashy screensaver for other creatures.

Check out the video:

Of course, for an immersive experience for dogs, they need to have a touch screen in front of them, otherwise they won’t enjoy seeing the title characters disappear. Seeing elements with constant movement is something that definitely grabs their attention, so use one iPad o tablets It is most suitable for interaction.

You have to train the dog to play though, and that is to motivate moles and other bugs to continue by providing treats or snacks. More information is available in their respective page.

Through: Joipao



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