The latest episode of The Simpsons features a collaboration with Roblox




This past season Simpson We witnessed several crossovers, with the horror part being the main one, which was seen in the episodes it is, Letter written before death, Babadook, among the more popular horror stories. And while the parodies were thought to be far from over, it seems they weren’t, at least not with the latest one.

You can see in the chapter Merge Those who force Bart to play a beautiful video game called Boblox (Parody of Roblox) The most curious thing is that every time things appear in the episode, 3D CG animation is used. All this adds up Bart Engaged in a series of electronic scams, it sells a specific item to users.

Here’s a snippet:

What is most interesting about this mixture Simpson con Robloxso what Skinner one after another Bart Pursuing his own interests, this leads student Martin to learn about conspiracies. nevertheless, Skinner He has a ray up his sleeve, so he threatens to put a blemish on his academic record, moving an A+ grade to an A.

The only current way to watch current episodes airing is through the US channels where they air, after they are added to streaming services such as Disney Plus. In the case of Latin America, they add episodes Star Plus.

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Editor’s note: Video games are appreciated to have such nod programs. Hopefully we’ll see more later, a Zelda saga or something similar.


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