The new Dragon Ball art imagines Goku as a Pixar character


Something that fans dragon ball Wanted to stay, it’s a new adaptation of their character’s adventures but with a different aesthetic to break out of the mainstream. And now, a sequel to the franchise shows us the potential of animation in the style of companies like Pixar, which has improved a lot over time.

Named after the user in question Rose 3D, and shared an image showing the Saiyan as a child, the same character that spawned everything we know about the universe. And users were so convinced by the idea that they shared it all over the internet, with a message that was passed off as something official.


It is worth commenting that the clothes of the characters are quite reminiscent of the first adventure goku, but facial expressions fail to convey at all. He looks like a child used in many Pixar movies, so some users have pointed out that his face needs a touch-up, something that could be improved.

In news related to the world dragon ball. Recently one of the official manga artists SuperWe create a new industry which looks old Kaisoma With his youthful looks. If you want to know the interesting background behind it, we invite you to click on the following linkEspecially if you are a fan of the popular franchise.

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