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Considering its resounding success pokemon Over 20 years on, it’s no surprise to hear that some companies try to take advantage of the love for the series and create their own version of the Nintendo story. Although these projects usually go unnoticed, there are some that have caught the attention of The Pokemon Company and The game is being sued by six Chinese companies, which have been sued by the makers of Pikachu.

Recently, it was revealed that the Pokemon Company filed a lawsuit against six Chinese companies for “copyright infringement and unfair competitive practices.” More than $72 million in damages have been claimed and a public apology has been issued On major social media platforms, gaming websites, and app stores, including,, and

The game in question is Pocket Monster Reissue, which has been running since 2015. It’s a mobile game where you have to capture pocket creatures and engage in a turn-based RPG battle system. Although most monster designs are original, There are videos where you can see a direct copy of Clefable and Granbull, as well as characters like Ash and N.

According to Jianjin Zhongnan Heavy Industries Co., one of the six companies being sued, Pocket Monster Reissue Raised over $4 million a month in its first year in the Chinese market. However, the company’s shares have fallen 6% since the announcement of the legal dispute.

There is no official and public statement from The Pokemon Company at this time, or one of the six companies in China. In related matters, a new Pokemon has been revealed Scarlet and Violet. Likewise, here you can take a look at the next generation of TCG.


Editor’s Comment:

There are hundreds of Pokemon clones on the market. something like Pocket Mortys, at least they have original ideas and completely unique designs. However, it is also true that there are many others who use a copy of Pikachu and that’s it. It will be interesting to see how this case changes the plans of companies planning to do the same.

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