The social network makes fun of NFT consoles


Something that has reduced relevance NFT, A business model that has not adapted to society and, therefore, its sales are declining somewhat significantly. And only someone came up with a console based on this model, which was despised by virtually all video game fans.

Bears this name Polyam One And was created by the company Polyam, The same that you can download games as a fungible token, so trying to exchange them would be a little problematic. In addition, its official logo looks a lot the same Game Cube Of NintendoWhich is why he has received so much rebuke from the audience.

Some random teams promise to create a ‘Web3.0 console’ (which means whatever it is) and the first thing they’re tweeting is that they didn’t steal the Gamecube logo lmao.

In this regard, they have received a new response with a new logo InXile Entertainment Which is far from the real thing, but which reflects the company’s mistakes and the courage to create the console NFT At this point, above all, the business is sinking and he plans to stay in the red.

Thinking of switching to a new original logo (as space ran out)

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