The youth asked for money on Twitter and they collected more than expected


Many times we usually don’t have the capital we want, that’s why taking a loan is a rule that many people don’t let go of in an emergency. However, one young man decided to go further with a request for a recreational activity, since he did not have enough money to invite his girlfriend to the cinema and have snacks there.

through the platform TwitterUser known as Henry Gamboa, The famous comedian sent a message Adrian MarcelloExplaining that his girlfriend wanted to participate in the film Minions. However, this was something that could not happen as he only had 20 pesos on his debit card


At first she assumed that he would never reply to her tweet in his life, but to her surprise he did and even asked for her card number. After that, the boy got neither more nor less 696 pesos on his account. It was next to a message that said: “Even pa’ condoms are enough for you. Cheers”.


It’s worth noting that he wasn’t the only one to get the money, as other users went out of their way to help the boy, eventually raising more than he did. $1,500 MX. This led him to thank the social networks and publish the photo that proves his visit to the cinema with his girlfriend and to buy a great snack with the latest film. Minions.


Through: Twitter


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