There have been reports of a massive selloff in Activision Blizzard shares




Companies often look for shareholders to invest in the company from time to time, this usually happens with small or even famous companies e.g. sony, Microsoft y Nintendo. Now, shares are reported to be on a massive selloff Activision BlizzardThat leaves 3.7 million blocks at $72.25 each.

The sale can be considered significant for investors as it is activation Agreed to sell Microsoft with a $69 billion deal in January. The current deal-to-deal spread of $23.68 indicates that traders are somewhat skeptical that the deal will be approved by global regulators, especially USA, UK and Europe.

A report in early October said the decision had been made US Federal Trade Commission The transaction could come at the end of November. It says, employees FTC There are significant concerns about the transaction, something that has only focused on acquisition issues Call of Duty.

It is worth commenting that the previous week it commented that the controller UK Denied the idea of ​​buying Microsoft, something that might set things back a bit. For its part, sony Tried to explain that decision MicrosoftThe latter, however, ensures that positive competition is promoted.

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