These are the most anticipated games according to Google search


Today, the best way to search news or information about the games we expect is a window away, since search engines Google It is the best tool. And now, a new study is confirming the list with the titles people are most looking forward to, which isn’t really surprising given their popularity.

Im-a-puzzle Was responsible for collecting all the information, identify the title as next GTA VI It is highly recommended to search even if there is no data for previous months even Zelda Tears of the Kingdom For some reason this is the least wanted one, despite fans wanting to release it now.

Here is the list:

1.- GTA 6: 3.014.790 Search worldwide

2.- The Hogwarts Legacy: 1.641.470 Search worldwide

3.- God of War: Ragnarok: 1,298.120 Search worldwide

4.- Overwatch 2: 1.051.850 Search worldwide

5.- Starfield: 690.490 Search worldwide

6.- Modern Warfare 2: 627.980 Search worldwide

7.- Gotham Knights: 570.620 Search worldwide

8.- Baldur’s Gate 3: 553.690 Search worldwide

9.- Breath of the Wild 2: 546.890 Search worldwide

10.- Diablo 4: 519.040 Search worldwide

It is worth mentioning GTA VI Didn’t benefit from recent leaks, since those are registered searches from that point Rockstar Games confirmed its development. For its part, it’s surprising to see it on the list Starfieldthe game Bethesda That was a delay 2023. And of course, the expected release choice Ragnarok is the god of war They couldn’t miss.

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