They could have confirmed the lead actor of The Punisher




The series has been quite a favorite over the years PunisherIt was the same Jon Bernthal In the introduction Frank Castle, And now UCM There will be new material related to antiheroes. Many actors want to return to this role, especially important actors from other productions Charlie Cox They are back.

the actor in case O’Keefe shared a photo of it Bernthal inside Instagram and noted that he is “looking forward to working through Marvel’s Phase 5.” He didn’t mention a project, but added the hashtag #Punisher below. In addition to this Rosario Dawson Let that version slip Bernthal related to Frank the castle It will return, and although the actress later retracted her comments, it was already a confirmation for fans.

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Another rumor is spreading John There is an introduction to the next series Daredevil, and as known, both characters have an extensive relationship in the world of comics. So, this means that he will make his first appearance on the show, which also happened to himself. Matt Murdoch In other franchises, with spider man y She-Hulk.

There is also a series the echoWhich will take place in New York, many of the characters know each other because they live in New York, this is evident hockeywhere Kate Bishop conference Kingpin. The latter is the main villain DaredevilApart from having specific connections with spider man Which we haven’t seen yet.

For now, the addition of the Punisher lead actor remains a rumour.

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Publisher’s Note: With many of the actor’s roles at Marvel Studios from the Netflix series, it wouldn’t be surprising if we see John again as The Punisher.


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