They solve the mystery of the church story in Nier: Automata and it can be frustrating


This day is the time Nier: Automata is back in the public eye, as players discover a secret area in the video game, thus revealing that it is a church that was apparently not kept in the final adaptation. And now, there’s a somewhat disappointing conclusion to this strange discovery that the fandom wanted to discover as more clues emerged.

First, the user known as u/sadfutago on Reddit, uploaded more videos that included a fight with a strange black creature and a series of Japanese dialogue options in a font. inside the church It keeps the player on their toes 9SOne of the main allies 2B It became playable after we gave the title the first lap.

Added to the video are some scans of Android and solving annoying mysteries. Here you can see it:

I think there is a glitch in my game since I go back to the beginning I don’t know how to fix it and the cup has random characters or Korean. Maybe I need to restart the game or try the boss again or maybe I took too long to beat him. from more

At the end of it, all about the mystery is revealed, the team behind the u/sadfutago account reveals that the secret of the church door is the work of modders.

NieR: Automata

A broadcast release Twitch, three modders noted how the mod’s creators revealed both the church scene and the tools to build it. Undoubtedly, this action brought the gaming community back together. They even tried to associate the Church with themselves Nier: ReplicantBut now they know that nothing is canon.

Here’s what their statement says:

Everything we share is completely in-game, no editing. We’ve all liked debates and theories. Seeing the community come together after all these years has been inspiring, it makes all the hard work worth it We hope you had a good time, we certainly did.

He commented like this Lance McDonald, One of the modders:

Of course it was the work of extremely talented modders that the community couldn’t imagine.

Remember that Nier: Automata Available at PS4, Xbox One and PC. A version for Nintendo Switch.

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