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A few weeks ago, the latest film from dc comics, Black Adam, which had somewhat mixed reviews from critics and fans. However, something you’ll agree with is that the ending is the most interesting of these types of films, so we’ll explain it briefly below.

Spoilers in the next paragraph!

At the end of the tape, after everything we saw about the character’s emergence as a hero of sorts, it is confirmed that he is now at peace with the JSA Association, because they realize that sometimes they need someone with a dark border. . The movie ends with Black Adam sitting on its throne Kandak Before tearing it down, saying that the city doesn’t need a ruler, since a protector would be more appropriate.

Then in the mid credit scene we see amanda Waller with whom contact is made the black adam Uses a drone and says he’ll let him remain a free metahuman for now. the black adam He scoffs at it and destroys the drone, just then superman of henry Cavill, saying that it’s been a while since someone shook the world. He then offers to talk to her.

This is pretty obvious, since at some point we’re going to see a fight between the two characters, although the context of the conflict or events that will pit them against each other is not given. For its part, it didn’t say whether the incident happened after the tape Justice LeagueOr if it has more connections Shazam.

We have to wait for the next tape Aquaman Have the answer at hand.

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Editor’s Comment: Honestly, it’s an ending I quite like, and now that Cavill is back, maybe the DCEU can grow. So far the plans are looking good.


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