This is how Russians return to reading world news after Moscow’s censorship –


The IT project, called Samizdat Online, makes it possible to draw censored news, data and information even in countries where censorship is in force by strengthening the registration process of free domains and automatic dissemination of articles. Here is what it is.

Samizdat Online is designed and built to avoid censorship of information and news in Russia and Belarus –

It was enacted by Yevgeny SimkinFounder of a software engineering company, get around Censorship Russia and Belarus, but not only: project, baptism Samizdat onlineThe regime of obscurantism around the world allows anyone to access blocked news, data and information.

The platform implements this strategy: since censored websites cannot reach their original domains, Samizdat Online republishes them. New domain and thereby allow linking to their pages link Defined “SOS”. To be able to do this, Samizdat Online must be obtained consent Dissemination of their content by prohibited sites.

And they already are About a dozen Publications in Russia and Belarus have been blocked to compel Simkin and associates to withdraw Spread their content Through this approach, online news thus manages to carry on promotional and promotional activities.

How Samizdat Online Works: Main Features of the System

Samizdat Online 12 September 2022
Unlike VPN and TOR systems, using Samizdat Online does not require technical skills –

The portal is fixed on a primary server which has the task of creating new domains. This server communicates with several other such servers SecondaryDecentralized, which “physically” hosts domains by registering them random. Finally, includes the domain for randomization SOS link generation.

And, unlike other censorship bypass methods, such as VPNs or TORSamizdat online It does not require users to have technical skills Any kind: It is enough to go to the platform and click on the content of your interest, then you will be redirected to a URL composed of hypertext strings. Encrypts source page data.

“The goal – says Simkin – is to ensure that the population of Russia and Belarus begins to be serious doubt About what their government is doing. I just try to do this: Sow doubt in this population” To visit the platform, Here is the link.

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