This Transformer Special Edition mobile is one of the most spectacular we have seen lately



Another exclusive and limited edition, it includes an extremely powerful 7S Pro mobile from Red Magic that is touted as a bumblebee to delight Transformer fans.

If you are not tired of watching already Exclusive phone and limited editionAt this rate, I’m sure you’ll be soon. And yes, friends, we already have that version Musical groups like Dragon Ball, Mercedes-Benz, Star Wars, Diablo Immortal and even BTS, with them Collector’s pack and unpublished accessories Included

Later they present it to us Nubia and its signature Spin-off Red magicWhich seeks to bring us closer by focusing on the video game industry This version is for the Transformer fans of its very powerful Red Magic 7S ProNow wearing yellow and black with inspiration from Bumblebee.

Our colleagues have told us Android authorityThis is not the first time Red magic bet on transformers The limited edition of their mobile to present us, though in this case The new aesthetic of this Bumblebee version is very interesting and appealing Which has attracted the attention of us and almost the entire industry.

Here you can see more details …!

Red Magic 7S Pro Bumblebee Edition, Photo Gallery

Red Magic 7S Pro Bumblebee Edition

This is the new Red Magic McQueen that just broke AnTuTu: over a million points

Of course, We still don’t know the price of this Red Magic 7S Pro Bumblebee version That in the next few days the whole Red Magic 7S will be launched in China with the family, although in its case it happens clearly and as always Limited to the local market and printed in a few units.

Also as usual, it is accompanied by And Packaging Unique and designed for the occasionWhich includes such as collector’s accessories A fan, a protective case, charger and its Customized And a badge.

Where There is no change in the original hardware of the Red Magic 7S ProStarting from a very high-performance platform that AnTuTu has already broken from its prototype Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 a la cabezaWith 12, 16 or 18 GB RAM and 256 GB, 512 GB or 1 TB internal memory.

Your screen is 6.8 inchesWith AMOLED technology ‘1 billion colors’ y Refresh up to 120 HzAdd up Trigger for Gaming 520 Hz * with sampling Internal active cooling With a dedicated fan.

It was 64, 8 and 2 megapixel camerasAll one, including another 8-megapixel front sensor Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy coating With maximum speed of connectivity -5G and via Wi-Fi 6- where there is one 5,000mAh battery With a fast charge of 135 watts.

It’s a phone beast, and with this bumblebee suit it looks like … The bad thing is we don’t see it in Spain or Latin America!

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